Autumn Term 2017 -18 Letters

Year 3 & Year 4 National Science and Media Museum Visit Letter (issued 11.12.17)

After School Choir Letter (issued 11.12.17)

Newsletter (issued 8.12.17)

Invite to parents/carers of children in Year 1 and 2 (issued 5.12.17)

Milk Letter (issued 6.12.17)

Bradford City Football after school club letter (Y1-Y6) (issued 5.12.17)

Year 4 Christingle Assembly Letter (issued 5.12.17)

Reception Christmas Concert and Party Letter (issued 5.12.17)

Bricks4kidz and Amazing Clay letter (issued 4.12.17)

PTA Christmas Stocking Leaflet (issued 1.12.17)

Sportscool Letter for January 2018 (issued 1.12.17)

Chess Club for KS2 Letter (issued 28.11.17)

Newsletter (issued 24.11.17)

Head Lice letter (issued 22.11.17)

School Book Fair (issued 22.11.17)

Letter with Dates to Remember (issued 10.11.17)

Bradford City Football afte school club letter Y1-6 (issued 7.11.17)

Choir letter Village Council Awards Evening (issued 2.11.17)

School Sports Report (issued 1.11.17)

Y5 & Y6 visit to Tesco Supermarket (issued 31.10.17)

Reception Open Afternoon Letter (issued 31.10.17)

Newsletter (issued 19.10.17)

Bradford City Football Club Letter (issued 19.10.17)

Sportscool Letter (issued 18.10.17)

Bricks4kidz letter (issued 18.10.17)

Y5 Y6 V E Day celebration change of date letter (issued 12.10.17)

Newsletter (issued 6.10.17)

Y5 VE Day celebration letter (issued 6.10.17)

Y6 V E Day celebration letter (issued 6.10.17)

Choir Young Voices Music Room letter (issued 6.10.17)

Y6 Robinwood Payment Letter (issued 29.9.17)

Young Voices T-Shirt and Media Letter (issued 29.9.17)

KS2 Cross Country Letter (issued 27.9.17)

Newsletter (issued 19.9.17)

Y5 / Y6 trip to Eden Camp (issued 19.9.17)

Y6 Robinwood Expression of Interest letter (issued 14.9.17)

Sportscool Letter (issued 12.9.17)

BCFC Football letter (issued 8.9.17)

Bricks4kidz letter (issued 12.9.17)

Computer Club letter (issued 12.9.17)

Newsletter (8.9.17)

Choir Young Voices Concert letter (issued 8.9.17)

Celebration of Sports and links letter (issued 7.9.17)

 Milk Letter (issued 4.9.17)