Key Stage One                  


In Key Stage One most of the learning about science should be done through the use of first- hand practical experiences and appropriate secondary sources such as books, photographs and videos.  They should use simple scientific language to talk about what they have found out and to communicate their ideas.

Working scientifically

Throughout Year 1 and Year 2 pupils are taught the following practical scientific methods, processes and skills;

  • Asking simple questions
  • Observing closely
  • Performing simple tests
  • Identifying and classifying
  • Using observations to answer questions
  • Gathering and recording data to answer questions.


Below are the programmes of study that Key Stage One are required to teach.

  • Plants
  • Animals including humans
  • Everyday materials
  • Seasonal changes


  • Living things and their habitats
  • Plants
  • Animals, including humans
  • Uses of everyday materials