Year 1/2 

Miss Davis, Miss Preston & Mrs O'Hare 

Our topic in Summer 2 is Holidays.

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch (40th Anniversary Ed ition)animated-picnic-image-0014

Year 1 will be working on this book

Lost in the Toy Museum: An AdventureIMG_5705

Year 1 are working on this book in English.Bunting is a toy, but he doesn’t
know how to play until all the other toys play a trick on him.
One of two books set in the Museum of Childhood, in London. All the toys are in the Museum collection, and most are on permanent display.

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Click the hat to see the video Year 2 are using for their English lessons.animated-hat-image-0004

The Day The Crayons Quit

Image result for the day the crayons quit

They will be reading this book next!

Monty's Magnificent Mane

In Year 1 our English will be based on these books.

The Ugly Five

 In Year 2 some of our English will be based on this book.

Dinosaurs in My School by [Knapman, Timothy]Image result for Dinosaurs in my school

This is one of the books we'll be reading....

Our Topic in Autumn 2 was animals in cold countries


Miss Davis class presented their animals from a cold climate.

Our topic in Autumn 1 was Superheroes! Super_hero_3

We read the books: Traction man, Supertato and Superkid. 

In Year 1 we have acted out and sequenced the Supertato story.

We're looking forward to our visit to Blackpool!

Don't worry ! We won't be doing this!

We all had fun at the Toy Workshop!

Our African Drumming Workshop was fantastic!!!

Our Muslim visitor told Year 1 & 2 about his faith.

We found out about Dinosaurs at the workshop.

We painted a MASSIVE dinosaur!

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The Polar Bears' Home

We have enjoyed reading Lost and Found and the Polar Bears' Home.

We had some visits from real life superheroes!

In Year 1 we had a surprise visit from Supertato!

Taking part in the Circuit Challenge with Rebecca Gallantree was fun!