The boys and girls have settled well since their first day at 'big school'.  They have met lots of new teachers, made many new friends, learned our simple routines and are now sitting on the carpet for short lessons such as phonics, mathematics and topic.

We are reading a book called 'What Makes Me A Me' and base very much of our learning around this story.  The boys and girls have made their own book based on our topic book, we have had whole class and group discussions about what makes them special and they have painted self-portraits.  We have begun our phonics lessons and already some of our children are beginning to blend short words.  They make us feel very proud!  In mathematics we have practised numbers to 10, and making sets to 10, pattern, and 2 dimensional shapes.  We even made our own volcano to enhance this story!

The children have enjoyed their PE lessons where they have practised moving around in a variety of ways during their warm up sessions and they have listened carefully to the rules of our simple games.  All the boys and girls have had the opportunity to visit our little woodland area with our forest school practitioner.  Unfortunately, they have had to make very good use of our 'all weather' all in one outfits!

Below is a collection of photographs taken during your child's first half term at school.  Enjoy!