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Cullingworth Village Primary School

Delivering Excellence for a Brighter Future





The Circus theme this year proved very popular, most children and adults dressed up!  We enjoyed lots of circus related activities in the classroom and a good time was had by all.

We had a great day when the farm visited!



Our first activity that we can cross off the list - See a live show!  Our boys and girls watched Key Stage 1 deliver their show called 'Hats Off.'  It was fantastic; lots of singing, dancing and acting.  Our children were spellbound throughout the show and sat really nicely.  We were so proud.

We will be looking at other activities over the next few weeks.  Please take a look online or download the app.


Our topic this half term has been Under the Sea and Pirates and we have selected a number of books to enhance our choice.  The boys and girls have contributed to a beautiful display in our main corridor for the whole school to see.  They have created their own books in the shape of ships, fish and pirates; writing their own sentences and short stories.  The children's increased phonic knowledge has really enthused their writing.  To reinforce this fabulous learning we have introduced a 'secret code' outside where all children have to do some writing before they play out. 

World Book Day was great fun and the theme of Little Miss and Mr. books was really inspirational for our young children.  They dressed up as their favourite character and enjoyed various activities throughout the day.

We hope all the mummies enjoyed their present and card!

Our mathematics has been very tricky this half term.  A lot of our efforts have been towards learning how to double and halve, also to be able to apply the strategies learned to an oral problem.  For example:  'The pirate has found 12 coins in the treasure chest, he shares the coins with his friend.   How many coins do they both have?' 

In PE we have been listening to a sea shanty and have made up our own circle dance in time to the music. 

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We had a great time at the Sealife Centre today. We explored all the aquariums, there were ones we could walk and crawl though like tunnels or pop our heads inside. We saw so many different creatures, from sea turtles and terrapins to seahorses, jelly fish, rays and even a shark! We were filled with awe and wonder throughout the day with lots of “oohs and aaahs” at all we could see. We learned facts about all the different creatures and observed them closely. We noticed similarities and differences between the creatures and asked questions. A great day, though we were very tired in the end!


Our topic has been very popular this half term.  The children have been learning all about Fairy Tales.  We have chosen two very different books to enhance their learning, Mixed Up Fairy Tales and Mr. Wolf's Pancakes.  The role play area in reception 1 has been heavily used; the children acting out various fairy stories.  The boys and girls have written their own books based on Jack and the Beanstalk and have also kept a bean plant diary.  One of the highlights was making pancakes and especially eating them!

We also celebrated Chinese New Year and again, spent the whole day cooking and trying noodles.  This is quite tricky when you use chop sticks!  There were also many creative activities explore.

We've experienced very mixed weather in January and February but we love our outside area and much of the children's learning is reinforced in our outside environment.  


We've had such a lovely time planning at Christmas in Reception 1 and 2.  We  learned about the Christian story of Christmas, practised and performed a Nativity play called Prickly Hay, made some very special gifts and enjoyed our Christmas party - where we welcomed a very special visitor!  

We would like to wish everyone a Peaceful Christmas and Happy New Year.


This half term our topic is Light and Dark so we have chosen the book Funnybones by Allan Ahlberg to support the children's learning.  The boys and girls have chosen their own activities to take their learning to the next stage.  Scary skeletons can be seen in the classrooms made from artstraws and white paint, the children have produced their own little books telling the story of Funnybones and we have  also practised acting out certain parts of the story.  Hopefully the acting will be a good introduction to our Christmas Nativity Play!  Halloween, Bonfire Night and Diwali celebrations also help to enhance our topic of Light and Dark.

Additionally, the whole school remembered the 100 year anniversary marking the end of Word War 1. Our children watched a number of sensitive, age appropriate videos and made poppies, some of which are displayed in the classroom.  We all visited Charlotte's Garden where the children sat peacefully thinking about their learning and reflecting.       


We are now into our second half term of phonics and the boys and girls are thoroughly enjoying their lessons.  We endeavour to make them as interesting as possible.  We have noticed that some of our children are now using the phonics they have learned so far; segmenting and blending the sounds as we listen to them read.  We aim to read with our children twice a week individually but they practise reading every day in phonics.  When planning our classroom environment we try to incorporate short words which can be blended.  Please try to read with your child every day because it really does make a difference. 



The boys and girls have settled well since their first day at 'big school'.  They have met lots of new teachers, made many new friends, learned our simple routines and are now sitting on the carpet for short lessons such as phonics, mathematics and topic.

We are reading a book called 'What Makes Me A Me' and base very much of our learning around this story.  The boys and girls have made their own book based on our topic book, we have had whole class and group discussions about what makes them special and they have painted self-portraits.  We have begun our phonics lessons and already some of our children are beginning to blend short words.  They make us feel very proud!  In mathematics we have practised numbers to 10, and making sets to 10, pattern, and 2 dimensional shapes.  We even made our own volcano to enhance this story!

The children have enjoyed their PE lessons where they have practised moving around in a variety of ways during their warm up sessions and they have listened carefully to the rules of our simple games.  All the boys and girls have had the opportunity to visit our little woodland area with our forest school practitioner.  Unfortunately, they have had to make very good use of our 'all weather' all in one outfits!

Below is a collection of photographs taken during your child's first half term at school.  Enjoy!