We have read The Scarecrows Wedding this half term and have based our learning on this book

Expressive Arts and Design

The children have been very creative this half term, both inside and outside the classroom.  The boys and girls have used what they have learnt about media and materials in original ways such as painting animals and scarecrows, using malleable materials to create wedding food and acting out the story in our role play area. They have used their imagination to take the story outside the classroom where they have used resources to build a wedding venue and used instruments to add music. 


Understanding the World

The boys and girls have enjoyed their time in our little woodland area with our Forest School Practitioner, Katy Tidswell.  They have used their senses whilst engaging in this new experience, looking closely at the environment and noticing changes. 

Our children have the opportunity to use technology every day.  They use the interactive Smart Board, explore technological toys and are helped to use real objects such as laptops, I.Pads and cameras.

During wet playtimes some children have used sand and water to make 'food' for the scarecrow's wedding; noticing the similarities and differences as water is added.




The boys and girls have lots of mathematical opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.  The children are beginning to use the language associated with weight, size and money and have had great fun exploring capacity using water and other apparatus.  We have been practising ordering numbers to 20 and saying one more/less than a given number.  Using different methods such as number lines, fingers and cubes the children are now able to add/subtract two single-digit numbers and are also beginning to solve verbal problems.  Our inside and outside classroom is rich with number opportunities and we plan carefully to enable access for all our children. 



Emergent writing is accessible in all areas of the inside and outside classroom.  During focused writing activities we encourage the boys and girls to make marks by applying  the phonics taught so far.  We are thrilled to notice that our children are beginning to use their phonic knowledge to write words that match their spoken sound, they also write some irregular common words.  In provision we provide appropriate resources everywhere for the children to make marks independently.  It is this latter strategy which is the most powerful!  We find shopping lists, menus, little stories  etc. where the children have given meaning to the marks they have made.  Our topic has really enthused our children and we frequently find short sentences which we are able to read!  

The children are taught phonics every day and practise in a number of multi-sensory ways.  They use sand, salt, glitter, shaving foam etc to practise the letter formation.  Their favourite is to form the letters on one anothers' backs! Please practise phonics at home with your child.   We are delighted to discover that they are using the phonics taught in their independent writing and reading.  

The children practise reading in a variety of ways: during our phonic lessons they are learning to segment and blend.  They experience individual reading where they read to an adult and shared reading.  They have been very enthusiastic about the book we have chosen for this this half term, describing the main story setting, events and principal characters.  As the year progresses the children will also experience guided reading in small groups.  It really does make a difference to your child if you can listen to them read every day reinforcing the phonics taught, looking at the illustrations and also learning tricky words.  (These are printed in your child's Reading Record Book).  All children have also visited our library and have a library book in their reading folder. Please return  them  each Wednesday.


Physical Development

Our children are beginning to know the importance of good health and physical exercise.  They are provided a healthy snack and milk/water each day and healthy choices are discussed when choosing school meals.  We have noticed that most of our children are able to dress/undress themselves for PE and are becoming well organised.   

In our inside and outside area the boys and girls are able to show good control in both large and small movements. Outside and during PE they move confidently in a range of ways and in both our inside and outside classrooms they are able to handle tools, pencils, paintbrushes etc. effectively.

Our woodland area has provided a fabulous area for the boys and girls to show good control and coordination using both gross and fine motor skills.  It has also enabled them to move confidently in a variety of ways, such as crawling, running, balancing etc.


Communication and Language

The boys and girls have thoroughly enjoyed our chosen story and have listened attentively  We have also noticed recently that the boys and girls are usually able to sit quietly on the carpet and maintain attention for longer periods of time.  During speaking and listening times they respond to others with relevant comments and are able to answer questions about the story or other experiences or events.  The inside and outside classroom is carefully planned to encourage language.  For example, our role play areas offer our children the opportunity to use language to imagine and recreate roles and experiences.  We use open questioning where possible to encourage rich language.

We shall be continuing with Show and Tell after half-term, please encourage your child to bring something from home which they then talk about to the whole class.  We would like the children to bring an item such as a photograph of a special place, details of a hobby, certificate etc.  We are discouraging toys this half term.  We will create an environment where children can express themselves effectively and be aware of their audience.  We will also be encouraging the correct use of tenses. 



Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We are very proud of our children.  They are becoming confident when trying new activities such as when we had a visiting poet and singer.  They are also able to let us know when they enjoy a particular activity.  We often ask them at story time whether they have enjoyed a particular book, confirming that its fine not to, providing they can explain why.  

We have noticed that our children are beginning to make good relationships, they are friendly with peers and adults in the setting and are confident to speak about their own needs, interests and opinions.

We have recently introduced a whole class 'Circle Time' where a number of issues and scenarios are discussed such as sharing, feeling lonely, behaviour etc. The children work as part of a whole class and follow the rules of Circle Time and will confidently offer and share their ideas.

Recently the school has introduced a 'Top Table' at lunchtime.  Boys and girls demonstrating  wonderful manners and behaviour at lunchtime are awarded a 'Golden Ticket' to enjoy eating their lunch, with a chosen friend.